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Cluckin' "A" Farm
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Our farm is constantly undergoing changes to keep up with the economy, and regional standards while striving to be self sufficient. In 2021 we completed a vision of erecting the 20 foot authentic Native American tipi. It is used as a private ceremonial structure where we celebrate the solstice and equinox programs throughout the year. We also use it for drumming circles and other native ceremonies.
Through the years we have lost all of our Alpaca's and our Llama to old age, and due to our age, we decided to not replace them which allows us to slowly down-size our herd. We continue to produce eggs for sale and sell free range meat bird chickens that are fully processed, vacuum bagged, and frozen at a licensed processor.
We also have our farm store and gift shop where we still sell our raw honey, Maple syrup, jams, Alpaca clothing, such as socks, hats, scarves, ear warmers and gloves. We also sell a full line of Native American ceremonial items, and healing stones and crystals. We also sell antiques and other items as well.
We are a family owned Limited Liability Corporation registered with the state of New York
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