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Skip and Vicki Watt -----
2018 seems to be zooming by like a lightning bolt on a skateboard!
We're already into summer and I can all too well remember the cold of March and April. Before you know it, it will be fall and we'll be looking toward gathering everything we need to start into another long miserable winter.
We remodeled the farm store by removing the lousy carpet that was constantly expanding with moisture, making humps to trip over and keep the building damp.
Now we have a painted epoxy floor that is a beautiful shade of blue and we have new shelves instead of tables along the back wall. We have much, much more room now and the dehumidifier can keep the humidity down so the drums will sound right instead of the lame thump, thump of the damp skins.

We have cleared the spiritual center at the North end of the property across from the cottage and leveled it off, clearing away sticks, stones and debris. We then waited until it was to rain and sowed an entire five pound bag of shade growing grass seed. After it is well established, we'll mow it and mark out a twenty foot diameter circle and dig a pit about 18" deep with slopped sides for a fire pit.
Next, we'll put down a tarp, cover it with heavy plastic and then place another tarp on top of that, before spreading a layer of item #4 crusher run stone to make a level circle. We will then build a firebrick fire pit in the center of the pit. The tarps will protest the plastic and will make the pit waterproof, aloing with the rest of the 20' diameter circle where a 17' tall Tipi will sit. In this we will conduct our spiritual solstices and equinox ceremonies. Vick and I will both do our seperate Vision Quests in there also. We plan to offer the Tipi to individuals who want to do a get away and do a real Nativce American Vision Quest, which we will cater. We'll supply the Tipi, bathroom facilities, water, wood for the fire pit and as much quiet tranquility as we can possibly offer. We will carry wood and water so you don't even have to leave the Tipi for your three day fasting quest.

We have a pretty good looking garden this fact it is turning into a spectacle for lots of folks who come to visit. This year Vicki decided to garden in bales of hay banded together in the size of our 4x8' raised beds. Now they are almost three feet up in the air, which means we don't have to bend over to take care of the plants and there is no weeds to amount to anything with cardboard spread all over the walkways between the raised beds. The garlic was already bedded in the composted alpaca poo we added to the beds last fall, so there are three beds still 12" off the ground. The Scapes are just now curled and ready to harvest on the hardneck garlic, so later we will be ready to pull the bulbs when the leave beging to turn brown at the tips.

We have only done one batch of meat birds and I believe we will do no more this year and possibly never least for selling to customers. There is no real profit in it when all things including the hassel of driving them all the way to Hoosick Falls for processing. That and it is becomming a highly unpleasant task to take these birds to such an un-natural death. Don't get me wrong, I eat chicken too...just not the ones I feed and raise, so eleminating this part of the farm is no heartache, believe me. Perhaps I'm getting old and soft, but I find no fault with those who can still do it without feeling. Time will tell what we will actually do...

We had shearing as usual with the sheep and alpacas, but missed having the beautiful fiber of Max our recently departed Llama and that brought a tear to both me and Vick from time to time as we thought about his loss when he died this spring. We will continue with yarn processing and spinning wheel repairs as usual and Vick is offering classes for spinning as usual, Just call her.

We are also doing Native drum making classes and offer 18" Buffalo skin drums which you will make in the class. You must email me at and we will arrange a Pay-Pal invoice for the class before ordeing the materials and then YOU decide when you want to do the class and make your drum. We will soak the skin and lacing overnight so you can make your drum the next day and take it with you. Bring a 1" diameter straight Willow or Sassafras srick to make your frum stick. In a day or so when the drum is completely dry and tight, you will be playing beautiful music to the Great Creator and caretaker of an authentic Native American drum!

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